Popcorn pizza (kernelencorepopcorn.com)My youngest girl, who’s 9, really, really, REALLY wanted to make a popcorn pizza. She found this image on the internet and thought that would be a tasty treat to make. But the image was of a commercial popcorn pizza, so no recipe was available.

After some thinking we decided that today would be a good day to experiment with this ourselves. She had two friends over, so we already had our guinea pigs.

The most important consideration was how to stick the popcorn together. I found a recipe that used melted marshmallows, but since my girl doesn’t like marshmallows, we had to find an alternative. My other daughter found another recipe that used candy melts. As we live in a small village in rural Norway, we don’t have candy melts available, but we do have normal chocolate bars. Pretty soon after we started, we ran into another problem, my popcorn kernel stock turned out to be almost gone, but we managed to pop about 2 cups with popcorn.

So after a bit of creative tweaking we managed to produce this. In the end, the girls had a good time with their popcorn party, but they left a little bit for me (it was really sweet and filling). If you’re inspired now, you can find the recipe below the picture.

Enjoy the pizza party!