Unfortunately, it’s easier to collect and start new projects than to actively continue with them. I realize that this blog is one of my projects that has faded in the background of newer projects. This summer though, I made myself a promise to start using what I have (in all aspects of my life), instead of waiting for the perfect circumstances. Thus, it is time to reanimate Enak Sekali again!

Another reason for my renewed activity is the fact that my eldest girl turned into a true eco-warrior, interested in zero-waste and a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. The last few months I have been helping her find more information about key aspects of vegetarianism and veganism and how to ensure a balanced diet in the absence of all animal products. We have been searching for and testing vegetarian and vegan recipes, as I don’t want her living only on bean stews and salads. This is an opportunity for me as well to experiment with becoming flexitarian, eg. becoming vegetarian with occasional non-vegetarian days, as I still have 2 others at home who are distinctly non-vegetarian.

I’m always up to an interesting challenge and in my view, cooking vegetarian with normal groceries found in rural Norway does qualify as such. Luckily we also have an international shop about 20 km away that was started by an African refugee, which does broaden the selection of legumes and other suitable groceries. Nevertheless, there is still so much to learn. Thus, I’m going to expand Enak Sekali to include stories about my road to a more sustainable lifestyle, starting with the challenge to use what I have!

I’ll mainly write in English and am not making any promises about translations to Norwegian or Dutch, lest I get blocked again from writing regularly. I hope you like to follow along!