Enak Sekali

Experiments in my kitchen

General Tso and his chicken

As a curious person with Asian roots, I really like documentaries, especially when they handle about food. So when I found a documentary called The Search for General Tso by Ian Cheney on Netflix, I knew I had to watch this. You probably all know General Tso’s...

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Backup brownies

This weekend, I had a friend coming over for coffee, but the morning went by too quickly and I had just an hour to whip up something sweet for us. Luckily, I have this easy, fail-safe brownie recipe.  Do give it a try when you're suddenly in the mood for something...

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Popcorn pizza

My youngest girl, who's 9, really, really, REALLY wanted to make a popcorn pizza. She found this image on the internet and thought th at would be a tasty treat to make. But the image was of a commercial popcorn pizza, so no recipe was available. After some thinking we...

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Welcome to Enak Sekali

Hi, I’m Linda, welcome to my blog. Enak Sekali is Indonesian for Very Tasty. However, to make food that is Enak Sekali, I often have to pass through utter chaos along the way. So, in order to learn from my disasters, I’m going to keep notes here on my experiments in the kitchen. You’re welcome to follow along, hopefully avoid my mistakes and enjoy the Enak Sekali part under “Recipes”.